Resonate Questions

Do you have questions? Please contact me with any you have. Many are answered here below.

Do you accept insurance?

Although many insurance companies have chiropractic coverage, most do not cover the type of care you will receive from Resonate Wellness & Chiropractic. Medical insurance is typically for acute injuries rather than maintenance of chronic conditions or wellness care. Prices are kept low for this reason and package pricing is available.

Do you treat….?

As a chiropractor, I address your nerve, muscle and bone concerns. Because many chronic issues have a particular name, those are not directly addressed with chiropractic care. Conditions relieved and even resolved by rehabilitating and resolving stress in the nervous system is an indirect, yet effective and efficient way to address your chronic health concerns. Nerves act on muscles, muscles move bones, bones dampen function to systems through pressure placed on adjacent nerves when out of alignment. Understanding and unwinding the mechanisms that set those factors in place is best understood when looking to the nervous system first. It is the master system, without it nothing works properly. Nutritional support is also addressed as well as any need for detoxification.

Recent research has shown the cerebellum (lower portion of your brain) is responsible for coordination of movement: physical and emotional. This points to the necessity of directly addressing stress in the nervous system (nerves and brain) for hope of resolving chronic issues.