Dr. Denise Parker is a highly skilled, caring, and knowledgeable doctor. I have been seeing her as my doctor for over a year. She has helped me with food allergies, shoulder issues, and general spinal health. Dr. Denise is conscientious and highly motivated when it comes to your health and I believe she can help you to have a healthier, more productive life. Thanks, Dr. Denise for all your help. Dr. Debra Guevara”
Debra Ortwein Guevara

“I had never had a NET treatment before and was pretty skeptical, but I had full faith in Dr. Denise. My first treatment with her was when I had a toe that had swollen up and looked like a little marshmallow. Not even 15 minutes after the treatment with Dr. Denise my toe was COMPLETELY fine! I saw the change with my own eyes! It was amazing! One minute it was all swollen and 15 minutes later it was fine!

Another treatment that I had with Dr. Denise was for my neck after I had a wakeboarding accident. I had severe pain on the right side of my neck and could barely turn my head in any direction. After the treatment, I had significantly more motion in my neck and MUCH less pain! I would recommend Dr. Denise to ANYONE! I trust her with all my heart!”
Ashley Stranahan