What to expect

When you arrive for your first visit, Dr. Parker will talk with you about your recent conditions that brought you to her office. Not every case is accepted and it is with careful consideration of her findings that she understands how this approach may be of benefit to you. Her concern is that she is your best option moving forward.

  • 1. The first visit is an evaluation, lasts approx 1hr and includes
    • a. Nervous/Immune/Meridian Systems assessment
    • b. Custom Supportive Nutrition assessment
  • 2. Requires a follow up visit (included approx 1hr) scheduled at your exam.
  • 3. New patient checklist and links below for getting you ready for your appointment

If you have current supplements you would like to have evaluated during your visit, please bring them with you to your evaluation. Many patients find they have what they need already. They only need a bit of adjustment in how they are taking them.

New Patient Check List

Do I Have Everything For My First Visit?