What to expect

When you arrive for your first visit, Dr. Parker will talk with you about your recent conditions that brought you to her office. This visit will last approximately 1 hour. She will evaluate your nervous, immune and meridian systems using manual muscle testing. This evaluation will also reveal your custom need for nutrition that will provide support for the concerns found during your exam. If you have current supplements you would like to have evaluated during your visit, please bring them with you. Many patients find they have what they need already. They only need a bit of adjustment in how they are taking them.

After your evaluation you will be scheduled for your follow up report of findings. This is included in your exam process you participate in at your first visit. At the report visit you will have the opportunity to ask further questions and hear how Dr Parker may be able to help you. Not every case is accepted and it is with careful consideration of her findings that she understands how this approach may be of benefit to you.