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Answer this assessment anytime you like and you will see the systems that need attention. You may share it with us if you choose. An option to share by email is located at the end of the assessment. Be sure to share it with yourself. The form will reset and is not stored anywhere.


Resiliency Quiz

How resilient are you? Did you know mental stress accounts for better than 80% of physical complaints? Did you know that just talking about those mental stressors without resolving them can actually cause more stress? Take this quiz and see how resilient you really are and if a mind-body approach may be right for you.


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Looking to make a change in the way you deal with your health? Standard care causing you to chase your tail? Dr. Parker is a wholistic chiropractor. She takes a unique approach to chiropractic care. By using muscle testing to evaluate your nervous and immune systems, she is able discover particular weaknesses and blockages. Then with chiropractic adjustments and specialized therapies, together will resolve your chronic concerns. Dr. Parker doesn’t take every case she evaluates. Her concern is that she is your best option moving forward. Get checked out, request an evaluation today. Follow the link below, scroll to the lower portion and submit your information.