1)   Check-In Procedure All Patients/Every Visit

When you arrive, click the link and login. Touch the three bars in the top right to reveal the username and password section. Feel free to save the username and password to your device for future use. Use your phone number to check in.

  • UN: parkerfdesk
  • PW: zHealth330

2)   Types of Visits - Please provide necessary information below.

Standard Wellness Visit

Please check in for your visit. You may use the assessments below if you have a new concern to evaluate.

Exam Visit

New Patient

Please check in. Then also, verify you have completed your checklist HERE.


Please check in. Then also, verify you have completed your assessments below.

  • Google survey link
  • Wellness Check Online Get My Wellness Check… (required for all exam visits)
    • Answer this assessment, share it by email (located at the end of the assessment: [email protected]) and be sure to share it with yourself. The form will reset and is not stored anywhere.
  • Depression Anxiety Stress Scale Test DASS21 (required for all exam visits)
    • Print or capture your results to share by email, text.
Check In

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