Laboratory Testing

Laboratory tubes

Laboratory testing can prove critical both for chiropractic treatment and for the creation of holistic functional medicine plans. However, due to the sensitivity of the approach Dr. Parker uses, it allows her to see many concerns before they become evident on a lab report. Proper testing can reveal a wealth of information about your body’s function as well as conserve resources better spent on treatment. Resonate Wellness Chiropractic performs appropriate testing to gain the clearest possible understanding of how we can optimize your well-being.

Laboratory Testing's Role in Functional Medicine

Dr. Denise Parker relies on science-based diagnostic procedures to get to the root of an illness or chronic disorder. Resonate Wellness Chiropractic collects data, not only on your symptoms, but also on key physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors that influence your health. The data we gather from testing plays a crucial role in identifying both the underlying problem and its effects on you.

Types of Tests Performed

Dr. Parker performs several tests at your evaluation. These types of tests may include:

  • Food sensitivity tests
  •  Chemical and metal sensitivity tests
  • Adrenal tests (a useful measure of how stress affects your body)
  •  Hormone level tests

If further testing is needed and requires a laboratory evaluation, the following may also be considered.

  • A complete blood chemistry panel measuring kidney, liver, thyroid, and other organ functions, along with blood sugar, electrolyte, and micronutrient levels.
  • Gut health tests (to check for leaky gut syndrome and other digestive problems)
  • DNA genetic tests (which can reveal genetic predispositions for certain conditions)

Once Dr. Parker has analyzed the results of all these tests, you'll receive recommendations for a comprehensive, personalized treatment or preventative wellness plan.

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