Resonate Questions (FAQ)

My Condition

Do you practice a specialty that is related to my condition? Do you commonly treat my condition? How many of those patients resolve 100%?

Dr. Parker holds so great a respect for the body having the power to heal itself, that there is no assumption on her part to deliver a method of treatment without first testing your system for what it needs. She approaches your standard of care from the place of rehabilitating the dysfunction and weakness of the nervous system and immune system. The nervous system is the master system and controls the coordination of all the body’s actions. THIS is the focus for the large majority of the patients Dr. Parker sees.

In spite of various named conditions or collection of symptoms a person may have, nervous system weakness and interference is the reason these symptoms exist. When weakness and misalignments are resolved, many condition symptoms can be affected without treating them directly. As a chiropractor, Dr. Parker addresses your nerve, muscle and bone concerns. Conditions relieved and even resolved by rehabilitating and resolving stress in the nervous system is an indirect, yet effective and efficient way to address your chronic health concerns.

Understanding and unwinding those factors is best appreciated when looking to the nervous system first. It is the master system, without it nothing works properly. Recent research has shown the lower portion of your brain, the cerebellum, is responsible for coordination of physical movement, as well as emotional and immune responses. This breakthrough points to the necessity of directly addressing stress in the nervous system (nerves and brain) for any hope of resolving chronic issues.

Many of the patients who enter into care receive relief in the first few visits. Even more have resolution by the end of their first care plan. Those who don’t, usually have other areas of improvement resulting in more clarity or a better understanding of their current condition. This provides clarity for further care with Dr. Parker or another care provider.

Under what circumstances would I need to see a different practitioner or spine specialist?

Because every case different, each patient is evaluated for their individual need. At times, other professional’s expertise is required to complete the resolution of your health concerns. If this need arises, appropriate referrals will be made.

If your symptoms do not improve under this type of care, you may need to see a specialist. Dr. Parker will determine your need at each evaluation and discuss any concerns with you as they arise. It is the responsibility of the patient to express concerns as they present so they are addressed in a timely manner.

Can I pick and choose pieces of the recommended treatment?

While we understand time and money play a large role in how you spend what you have, Dr. Parker makes her decisions based on what best serves the outcome of your issue. Discussion about the benefits and detriments due to the flexibility of your individual plan will be considered and discussed with you at your report visit.

What are the top 3 things I can do to get the best results?

Dr. Parker will have an effective, personalized treatment plan designed just for you. Your participation and compliance by following Dr. Parker’s advice is very important to obtaining a prompt, effective outcome.

(1) Follow the recommendations for your custom nutrition to support or detoxify your system.

(2) Be consistent with your appointments.

(3) Engage in the self-administered aspects of the techniques Dr. Parker provides. 

Can you tell me about the functional issues that caused my diagnosis?

This is the wheelhouse of Dr. Parker’s practice. From the testing to the application of treatment Dr. Parker addresses how the body functions. The fundamental system of your body is your nervous system. When it functions at its optimal level symptoms resolve or at the very least express more clearly. If Dr. Parker determines you are a candidate for this type of treatment, a new, more conscious awareness will be evident to you.

So much of our common care seeks to disconnect, quiet and even reverse symptoms. Dr. Parker desires for you to be more aware and have a better understanding of the signals your body tries to communicate to you.


How can chiropractic care help me?

The standard chiropractic approach is only a fraction of what you will receive as we navigate your path to wellness. Manual or instrument adjustments are used. Many of these are done from a seated position and are delivered concurrently with other therapies. The focus is to resolve the causes of subluxation in the spine and other “incongruence” in the system.

What is subluxation and nervous system incongruence? What are their causes?

Subluxation – dysfunction in a joint or motion segment in which alignment, movement integrity and/or physiological function are altered, although contact between joint surfaces remains intact.” This causes and is caused by interference.

Nervous System Incongruence - the quality of being unsuitable and inappropriate, or disagreeing with something in relation to the nervous system

From the roots of Chiropractic, D.D. Palmer understood health was affected by traumas (physical), toxins (chemical) and thoughts (mind). These effects cause subluxation, weakness and incongruence in the functioning of the body. If we focus on unwinding the causes, we are able to resolve, not just relieve, the symptoms you experience.

What type of Adjustments do you offer? Are they gentle?

There is no single approach or technique that is the perfect fit for everyone, Dr. Parker has a handful of different techniques will help you with your speedy recovery. As with most chiropractors, the use of hands-on techniques to deliver the adjustment is common, but also there are additional tools like the Activator (adjusting tool) and Drop Table assisted adjustments that can deliver an adjustment with little force to the body. These types of techniques are very gentle and safe, and offer you the variety of low(er) force options.

Which techniques do you use?

NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) Quantum Neurology (QN) Lebowitz Protocols

These techniques not only provide resolution but also, are not forceful or heavy handed. Hands-on manual or instrument adjustments used are very gentle and precise.

What services do you provide?

  • Mind-body awareness
  • Stress resolution and relief
  • Nervous & immune systems rehabilitation 
  • Education Dietary/nutritional counseling 

Does the Chiropractor provide care to the Entire Family?

From the cradle to the grave as it were. Chiropractic care is not only for adults but also for children as well. The problems that we have as adults could be due to physical or emotional traumas that occurred when we were younger. Finding a chiropractor with the capability of taking on care for your entire family can be a good move in the right direction when looking for the right chiropractor for you and your family.

Many of the bad posture habits that we experience as an adult could have started when we were younger. Seeing a chiropractor regularly throughout a child’s and adult’s life can maintain their body’s natural defense system (immune) at the best level possible, and maintains the structure of the spine allowing it to grow the way it’s supposed to grow naturally. There is a saying from a wise person that stated, “Prevention is always better than a cure.”

Does Dr. Parker only do adjustments to the spine?

No, sometimes she helps you to adjust your attitude! With the use of NET, impulsive behaviors can be addressed by turning off or neutralizing the alarm response. Most chiropractors mainly look at the spine for any misalignments (physical) that may be causing irritation, which could be what is creating the pain, tingling or numbness sensation that you may experience. Dr. Parker also looks at what may interfere in your health by looking at the relationships between your spine and your other systems (chemical/mental).

Adjustments made may not only happen in the spine, but also in your arms and legs or even the bones of your head or face. The excellent practice of chiropractic looks at the entire body for any areas that are not moving in the normal range of function. Then nervous system allows for the whole person to recover and heal in the most efficient way.

Chiropractic is for the entire body. If you use your entire body every day, should it also get evaluated like your spine?

What is that “Popping” sound that occurs when the adjustment happens?

When the Chiropractor makes an adjustment there may be a release of gas from the joint, which makes that “Popping” sound. This release of gas creates that “Popping” sound that you hear. This sound is created because there is a change in pressure that is inside the joint. This sound that you hear is called a cavitation, and is the same sound you hear when someone cracks their own knuckles.

Because of the low force techniques Dr. Parker uses, this “popping” may not occur. The sound you hear is not an indication of correction, but rather what happens when a stuck joint moves suddenly. 

This can also happen when someone attempts a self-adjustment of their own neck or back. The problem with the self-adjustment is the joints that can move will move and those that are stuck will still likely be stuck. This is why it’s best for you to have your spine (especially) evaluated and only adjusted by a trained professional, like a chiropractor.

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